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Requesting Shared Data from your Partner
Requesting Shared Data from your Partner
Get the data you need with out having to leave Crossbeam
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An essential part of successfully collaborating on Crossbeam is both sharing the right data with your partner and making sure you have all of the data you need from your partners. Want to be able to contact partner reps for information on an account? Then, you'll need their AE contact information. This involves your partner setting up data sharing rules to send you all the information you need to collaborate. 

Rather than leave Crossbeam to send your partner an email or set up a call to request information from them, you can request data right from within Crossbeam using our Request Data feature. 

Requesting Shared Data

You can access this features from the partner detail page by going to your partners page and clicking on one of your partners. 

Click on the partner you'd like to request data from and go to the "Shared with You" tab. There you'll see a list of their populations, with specific sharing rules they have set up with you in a table below. 

If your partner hasn't shared any data with you yet, there will be a "Request Shared Data" button next to the population. Once you've clicked the button, you will have the option to add a custom message and send your data request:

What Happens Next?

Your partner will be notified via in-app notification and email that you have requested data from them. The in-app notification will look like this:

The email notification will look like this:

They will be prompted to create a data sharing rule from your request. You will then be notified via email when they create a new data sharing rule with you!

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