Leverage the Crossbeam REST API to extract partner overlap data and build ecosystem insights directly from Crossbeam.

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Bring Crossbeam data to other parts of your company’s tech stack to drive automations, increase partner program visibility, and drive revenue growth.


This is available on our Supernode Tier. Contact Crossbeam here if you'd like to upgrade your account.

API Developer Documentation

For comprehensive steps on authentication and integration of the Crossbeam REST API please read the API documentation found here.

Create a Custom Integration in Crossbeam

Once your company has access to the API, click Data on the left navigation bar. Then click Integrations. You'll see the + Create Integration to get started.

In the Create Integration pop up modal complete the following fields:

  • Integration name: Choose whatever name you'd like to identify this app

  • Integration description: Optionally write a description for your app

  • Callback URL: Set this to

  • Allowed Origins: Leave this value blank

Click Create Integration

At this point, return to the Developer Documentation for detailed directions on completing the REST API process.

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