Crossbeam offers a powerful REST API to programmatically extract data from the platform.

The queries that power this API map directly to the queries that power Reports, and the results are equivalent to the CSV exports associated with those reports.

💡 Don't forget - we have existing integrations with both Slack and Salesforce.

API Developer Documentation

API documentation can be found here.

How do I get access to the API?

Currently, access to the Crossbeam REST API is only available to enterprise customers on an as-needed basis.

Reach out to your CSM or sales rep, contact us via the chat bubble in-app, or contact us at to discuss your current plan and request access.

What data is available in the API?

Any data that is available to you in Reports will be available via our REST API. You will be able to programmatically retrieve report results for any report, which includes data your partners share with you.

How do I authenticate with the API?

Once your organization has access to the API, you will see a new section on the Integrations page in Crossbeam. Further instructions for authenticating can be found in our developer documentation (see below).

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