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So you’ve landed a new partner account and identified mutual account overlaps. Great, but now what? Getting buy-in from stakeholders outside of partnerships can be tough, and the go-to-market cross-functional organization can be even tougher.

As part of Crossbeam's Marketplace, our Integrations help you get data that previously was only used for account mapping - routed and connected with your company's tech stack. This allows partnership teams to support Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and more — impacting all stages of the partner lifecycle.

Easily connect with the tools you love most by visiting our Marketplace or your integrations page within Crossbeam.

Integrations Overview



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Look up records, get alerts on new overlaps, and collaborate with Partners in Slack.

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For partnership teams, sales, and broader go-to-market teams who want to collaborate where work happens.

Chrome Extension

Find and action valuable partner overlaps with Crossbeam for Chrome.

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For sales teams who want to see matching partners on their accounts while prospecting in Chrome.


Identify opportunities to drive integration adoption and collaborate with partners on mutual accounts.

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For Customer Success teams who want to use partner data to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and monitor customer health.


Send partner data into HubSpot to to power co-marketing campaigns,trigger workflows, report on partner campaign performance and more.

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For partnership teams, sales, and marketers who want to source, influence, and convert more partnership pipeline.


Integrate partner data within your ABM strategy for improved account targeting, prioritization, and advertising.

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For marketers who want to enrich their Account Based Marketing systems with partner data.


Scale the impact of your partner program with automation.

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For partnership and sales team who want to use partner data to optimize routing scenarios, scoring processes, and go-to-market strategies.


Add contact tags, number of overlaps, and automate task creation for your deal owners to get information on new overlaps.

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For partner marketing professionals who want to automate co-marketing campaigns across the B2B, eCommerce, and B2C lifecycles.


Pipe your partner data into Torchlite for centralized partner collaboration.

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For partnership teams who want a single place to identify and act on new co-selling opportunities.


Bulk register your leads in using enriched partner data.

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For partnership teams who want to conduct bulk deal registration and collaborate with partners.

Add partner ecosystem data into your boards.

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For partnerships teams who want send partner data to Boards to create workflows and collaborate on partnership opportunities.



Keep leads flowing and deals moving by sending automated Outreach Tasks to your reps each time an account overlaps with a partner in Crossbeam.

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For partnership and sales teams who want to work with partners to source new opportunities and get help on existing deals.



Infuse partner data from Crossbeam into your company's performance dashboards and charts in Tableau.

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For partnership teams who want to make partnerships a source of attributable revenue.

Talend Stitch

Enrich your existing data warehouse with partner data for complete, clean, and uncompromised decisioning.

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For partnership teams who want to arm broader organization with partner data. Push Crossbeam partner data into your data warehouse with the Talend Stitch ETL solution.


Create custom dashboards, run analytics, and augment your CRM data with partner overlap data from Crossbeam.

The Crossbeam integration into Snowflake allows Crossbeam to push partner overlap data back into Snowflake.


Trigger new automated workflows by connecting Crossbeam and Zapier.

For busy partner professionals who want to get their partner data routed to new systems and automated workflows.


Bring Crossbeam partner data into the Workato automation solution to kickoff workflows at scale.

For partners, sales, and marketing teams who want to leverage Workato's boundless connectors, routing partner data throughout the Partner and B2B lifecycle.


Operationalize your partner insights right from your Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, Synapse, or BigQuery platform.

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For data scientists and business intelligence professionals. Leverage a direct who want to route their partner data into a warehouse via ETL solution.

Automate your partner processes with the's low-code solution.

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For partnership teams who want to leverage an iPaaS solution, routing partner data into automated workflows.

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