Crossbeam's Slack App

How to Install the Crossbeam Slack App

If you already have a Crossbeam account

If you don't have a Crossbeam account yet 

Once registered and onboarded, come back here to install the app in Slack.

What does Crossbeam's Slack App do?

Get more done with your partners, sales reps, and marketing teams with Crossbeam for Slack. Crossbeam is a Partner Ecosystem Platform that helps companies find overlapping customers and prospects while keeping the rest of their data private and secure. Using Crossbeam for Slack:

  • Surface new leads for your sales team. Use “/crossbeam search [company]” and pull partner information on your overlapping accounts or leads, including AE contact info from your partner ecosystem. It's like having access to your partner's Rolodex and the perfect tool to ask for warm introductions in any shared Slack channels you have with your channel or integration partners.
  • Immediately action changes in overlapping accounts. No more waiting until the next quarter to know the status of your partner’s accounts. With in-channel notifications, your shared partner Slack channels become partnership command centers. Know immediately when your partners signs one of your target accounts and vice versa and take action. 

A heads up, you must have a Crossbeam account to use Crossbeam for Slack. Register for Crossbeam here and invite your partners today.


Search for an Account or Lead directly in Slack

Get Notifications on Reports directly in Slack 

Using the Slack App for Crossbeam

Search for a Company or Person in Crossbeam from Slack

Type the following to search for any account or person that includes "Matomo" in Crossbeam from Slack:

/crossbeam search matomo

You will get back a list of results that include the Company or Person name, your partners they overlap with, and a link to view the record in Crossbeam.

Search results are only visible to you, even if you do the search in a public channel.

Get Notified on New Overlaps for a Specific Report in Slack

Notifications to specific Slack channels can be configured per Report by setting up Report Notifications.


Can I have more that one Crossbeam account connected to Slack?

Currently, no. You can only have one Crossbeam account connected to Slack. It will be the one that you are in when you authorize Slack. Connecting Slack in a second organization will remove the Slack connection from your first organization. 

Here is a video tutorial!


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