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Crossbeam's Chrome Extension allows you to view your partner overlap data as you are visiting websites on Chrome. The extension will notify you if the site you are browsing has an overlap in your Crossbeam account. You will see any matching partners and populations you share without navigating to Crossbeam.

How to Install Crossbeam's Chrome Extension

Find Crossbeam Account Mapping in the Chrome Store here.

You can also navigate to the integrations page in Crossbeam and click on "Set Up" on the Chrome Extension to be taken to the Chrome Store.

Once you have installed the extension, click on the extension icon and "Log In to Crossbeam". We recommend pinning the extension to your browser so you can always see it.

If you do not have a Crossbeam login, you can sign up for Crossbeam by clicking "Sign Up".

What does Crossbeam's Chrome Extension do?

The extension will popup with a notification if an overlap is found. It will also display a number on the icon showing how many overlaps were found.

Click on the extension icon to see more details about those overlaps and to navigate into Crossbeam for more information. Keep momentum on overlaps by selecting the message icon to start a Thread with your partner directly from the extension.

In the example below, you are on Anthropologie's website and they show up in your "Prospects" and "All Accounts" populations. There are many overlaps with your partners, for example with your partner Hammermill. The overlap shows up in Hammermill's "Customers" population.

If you would like the extension to ignore specific websites, you can add them to the list of ignored sites. You can do this by navigating to the extension's settings or you can click on the extension when you are browsing that site. Once you have the extension open, turn on the toggle to ignore website and it will be added to the list.

If the website you are browsing has no matches in your data, you will not receive a pop-up notification. If you click on the extension icon you can confirm that there are no matches in your data.

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