Making connections is easy on Crossbeam with built-in discoverability features. Dial up or down how you want to engage with your network by managing visibility within your organization's Settings.

Discoverability by Company and Users

Not sure if your company can be found on Crossbeam? Here’s how to check and update your settings:

  1. Log-in and click on your company’s icon

  2. Select the Settings page

  3. Next, toggle the Discoverable switch to:

    • Allow other companies to see your company on Crossbeam and send partnership requests. With this turned on, companies can find you when searching, sending invitations, and within Suggested Partners.

    • Allow users with “manage partnership permissions” to receive partnership requests directly. With this turned on, companies can now see a list of users associated with your organization and send invites directly to the associated contact.

Suggested Partners, Universal Search, and Invitations

Once your organization is set to discoverable, you can boost passive growth opportunities by allowing companies to see and connect with you!

A quick spin through the universal search bar may lead to your company's next big integration, your best new-to-you Crossbeam partnership, or better yet - some hidden revenue opportunities.

Help your partners find you! Make sure you're set to Discoverable to receive inbound partner invitations from your existing network and potential new partners.

Once your organization and users are opted-in, you will be searchable in our invitation stream along with Crossbeam's additional search capabilities.

💡 Tip

  • Easily manage your invitation streams within the Partnership Requests section of your Partners page. If you don't see anything here, no sweat - that just means your inbox is empty.

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