Inviting a Partner
Learn how to extend an invitation to potential partners via the Crossbeam platform from your laptop or mobile device.
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Would you rather watch a video about how to invite partners on Crossbeam? Watch our Connect with a Partner tutorial here.

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Four Ways to Invite Partners

There are four ways to invite partners to connect with you on Crossbeam.

  1. Use your invite link, which you can learn more about here

  2. Follow our standard in-app flow. To send an invitation to a potential partner on Crossbeam, navigate to the partners page in your main navigation, and then click the "Invite Partner" button. This link will take you to a simple process for sending a partner invitation.

  3. Invite a partner by searching their name in the universal search bar and clicking "Invite Partner" directly.

  4. Connect with partners when you’re on-the-go using our Mobile-Friendly Invitations. Scannable QR codes and shareable invite links for text, WhatsApp, and Slack make it easy to send or accept an invitation the second it comes up in conversation. Click here to learn more.

Three-Step Invitation Process

Step One: Partner Information

Partner Recommendations

When you click into the Company field, you will automatically be given partnership suggestions. These are people you may be partnered with in real life that are already signed up for Crossbeam. If you select one of those, we'll be able to quickly invite them to partner with you through Crossbeam!

Partners not on Crossbeam

If you don't see the partner you're looking for in the recommendations dropdown, simply start typing your partner's name.

Once you select the partner, you'll need to provide three pieces of information:

  • The name of the company you are inviting

  • The name of a contact person at that company

  • The email address of that contact

Note: Before you click the "Invite" button, you have the option to decide on the sharing settings for this partner. Simply click on the link above the "Invite" button.

Step Two: Sharing Settings

Decide on the sharing settings for this partner. You can use all of the sharing defaults set already for your populations, or you can set them all to Overlap counts easily by toggling the dropdown menu for each population.

Note: if a population sharing default is set to Hidden or Overlap counts, you cannot share data in the partner invite process. Once your partner accepts your invitation, you can can change their sharing settings to share data with them.

Step Three: Send Invitation

After clicking "Invite," your work is done. If your partner's company is already on Crossbeam they will receive a notification via email and inside the platform that will allow them to view and accept your invitation. 

If your partner is not yet on Crossbeam, they will receive an invitation to join via email and will be able to accept your partnership as one of the first steps in their onboarding. 

If you have any issues with inviting partners or suspect a partner invitation may need to be re-sent, contact

Mobile-Friendly Invitations

Mobile-friendly invitations make it easy for you to send and accept invitations — straight from your mobile device.

🔔 Note: You must have Manage Partnership permissions to invite partners to connect on Crossbeam.

Sending Invitations from Your Mobile Device

To get started, log in to Crossbeam from a mobile browser. You'll be automatically directed to the Home page which will display your mobile-friendly invite capabilities. There are three ways to invite a partner to connect with you on Crossbeam:

  1. Have your partner scan your QR code:
    Display the partner invitation QR code and have the invited partner scan it from their phone. Upon scanning the code, an invitation is automatically sent to the partner via email and they’ll receive a notification in Crossbeam.

  2. Send your Invite Link to a partner:
    Click the "Copy Link" button below your partner invitation QR code. Send your invite link to a partner via SMS, Slack, or WhatsApp, the second it crosses your mind.

  3. Send Invite From Crossbeam:
    Click on the blue arrow below the “Copy Link" and "Scan QR Code” buttons to input your partner's information and send them an email invitation.

Accepting Invitations From a Mobile Device:

If your partner is already on Crossbeam, they'll receive an invitation email, which will prompt them to view and accept the invite in Crossbeam.

If your partner is new to Crossbeam, they can accept your invitation via email and sign up for Crossbeam straight from their mobile device.

FAQs for Mobile-Friendly Invitations

  • Do I need to refresh my home page to create a unique QR code or link for every invitation I send?
    No. The QR code and link to connect are unique to your organization and do not change with each invitation. You are free to use them in your email signature, marketing campaigns, events, etc.

  • Can I send my invitation link to many people at once (i.e. group text, email blast)?

  • Can I customize sharing settings when inviting a partner on mobile?
    To make the mobile experience simpler, you can only invite partners on mobile using sharing defaults. You can customize those settings on desktop.

  • Is all of Crossbeam mobile friendly?
    Currently, we have optimized the pages to sign up for Crossbeam, send and accept invitations. If you navigate to a page that has not yet been optimized for mobile, you’ll see an alert that the page is best viewed on a computer.

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