You have two options for inviting partners to Crossbeam. To follow our standard, in-app flow, keep reading. You can also use your invite link, which you can find out more about here

To send an invitation to a potential partner on Crossbeam, first navigate to the partners page using the link at the top of any page, and then click the "Invite Partner" button.

This link will take you to a simple three-step process for sending a partner invitation.

Step One: Partner Information

You'll need to provide three pieces of information:

  • The name of the company you are inviting
  • The URL of that company's main website
  • The name of a contact person at that company
  • The email address of that contact

When providing the company name, a predictive search box will attempt to find the name of your partner's company in our company database. (The companies in this list are not necessarily using Crossbeam.) If it does, it will fill in the URL for you. 

Step Two: Population Visibility

After clicking "Next," you'll be taken to a page where you decide on the population visibility settings for this partner. Uncheck the box next to any population you wish to hide from this new partner. 

Step Three: Send Invitation

After clicking "Send Invitation," your work is done. If your partner's company is already on Crossbeam they will receive a notification via email and inside the platform that will allow them to view and accept your invitation. 

If your partner is not yet on Crossbeam, they will receive an invitation to join via email and will be able to accept your partnership as one of the first steps in their onboarding. 

If you have any issues with inviting partners or suspect a partner invitation may need to be re-sent, contact

Using your Invite Link

Check out how to use your invite link to invite partners. 

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