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Find Your Partners Already On Crossbeam
Find Your Partners Already On Crossbeam

Use Partnerbase to see who is already using the platform, and help onboard those that should be.

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Once you've joined Crossbeam, it all starts on the Partners page to invite your ecosystem to connect. Curious who is already using Crossbeam? Check out how you can do that below.

✍️Note: every Crossbeam account has a Setting for being Discoverable. Only discoverable users will appear through this process. Check your Settings here.

1. Head to

Crossbeam built Partnerbase, a free, public database of the partnerships that exist between B2B companies. You can create a free login to update and maintain your company, and/or browse the database. Learn more about Partnerbase here.

2. Browse Companies

Clicking browse brings you to a search page with filter options:

3. Filter by Partner Tech Stack

The Partner Tech Stack filter uses the discoverable setting above. Filtering by Crossbeam will display the discoverable companies on Crossbeam.

4. Invite your Partners to Connect on Crossbeam

Head back to your Crossbeam Partner page to invite these partners to connect.

😎 Pro Tip

You can invite companies that are not discoverable, and/or not on Crossbeam. There is no limit to the number of Partner connections you can make.

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