Record Detail Page: Information

See information about a specific company or person, including populations, where they appear, and any data shared by your partners.

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There's a lot of information on this page, so let's break it down. We'll walk through an example of a company record.

First, you'll notice there are multiple sections on each Record Detail page:

Account Information


The collapsed view shows you all of the information you have on the company. This information came from either your CRM, Google Sheets, or a CSV upload.


Expanding the section will show you all of the information your partners are sharing with you about the specific company record. In this example, when we expand the Account Information section for the company record Matomo, we see all of the information our partners Holver, Bozala, Yaarde, and Surfzer are sharing with us.

Account Owners

The account owners section shows you all of the account owners for the specific company from both you and your partner(s). The logo next to each name displays which company the account owner belongs to. In this example, we see two account owners: one from our partner Bozala (Paul Fields) and the other from our company CrowdBlossom (Sasha Parker).


The contacts section shows all of the contacts for the specific company from both you and your partner. The small logo in the top right corner of each contact box shows you who the contact came from.

Other Sections


A Record Detail page may have other sections depending on what information you include from your data source and what information your partner shares. For example, you might see opportunities from you or your partners attached to the company record you are viewing. You can see the source of the data by finding the logo in the top right corner of each card in the section. In this example, we see opportunities from our own company CrowdBlossom and our partner Bozala.

View Options

View options give you a way to toggle on and off data coming from your data source (which could be your CRM, Google Sheets, or a CSV upload) and data coming from your partners.

You can uncheck yourself or any of your partners to remove that information from your view. In the example below, we uncheck our company CrowdBlossom, followed by our partner Holver.

You can also hide different sections of the page by unchecking options under Data Types. In this example, we uncheck Account Information, Account Owners, and Opportunities.

Other Notes

Person records will have slightly different sections, for example, you may see a section called Accounts that shows all partner accounts that match that particular person.

Section titles may vary depending on the type of data you or your partners have connected to Crossbeam, but for the most part, should follow the patterns above.

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