The Record Detail page exists for every Company and Person in your data. You can access this page by searching for a record using the Universal Search tool or clicking on records via the Dashboard or Reports.

This page gives you a holistic view of everything you and your partners know about a specific person or company. 

There's a lot of information on this page, so let's break it down. We'll walk through an example of a company record. 


You'll notice there are multiple sections on each record detail page. 

Account Information



The collapsed view shows you all of the information you have on the company. This information came from either your CRM or a CSV upload. 

Expanding the section will show you all of the information your partners are sharing with you about the specific company. In this example, we see all of the information being shared with us from Prince Paper when we expand the Account Information section. 

Account Owners

The account owners section shows you all of the account owners for the specific company from both you and your partners. The main logo here shows what company the account owner belongs to. In this example, we have account owners from Michael Scott Paper Company, Serenity by Jan, and Prince Paper along with our own account owner, Creed Bratton, here at Dunder Mifflin. 


The contacts section shows all of the contacts for the specific company from both you and your partner. The small logo in the top right corner of each contact box shows you who the contact came from. In this example, Dunder Mifflin and Prince Paper both have contacts at LemonStand. 

Other Sections

Any other data that you have on a specific company, or that is being shared with you by a partner, that does not fall into any of the sections above will be found in its own section. 

In this example, there is an opportunity attached to the company from our own data (Dunder Mifflin). Again, you can see the source of the data by finding the logo in the top right corner. 


Shared With

There's lots of information throughout this page on who your data is visible to and where the data you're viewing comes from.

At the top of each section, there's a little "Shared With" box that tells you who the data in the section (that belongs to you) is being shared with. Hovering on one of the logos will show you the exact populations from the data share that is involved. 

Here, we are sharing data from our Active Clients population to Serenity by Jan's Webinar Attendees population. 

Shared By

Inside each section, or inside a card in a section, you'll see logos in the top right corner. These show you who the data is coming from in that section, or who the data is Shared by. Again, you can hover over the logo to view the exact data sharing that is sharing the data. 

Here, Prince Paper has shared contact data from their Enterprise Subscribers population to our Active Clients population. 

View Options

View options give you a way to toggle on and off data coming from your own CRM (or CSV upload) and data coming from your partners. You can uncheck yourself or any of your partners to hide data from them from view. 

You can also hide different sections of the page by unchecking options under Data Types

Other Notes

Person records will have slightly different sections, for example, you'll see a section called Accounts that shows all partner accounts that match that particular person.
Section titles may vary depending on the type of data you or your partners have connected to Crossbeam, but for the most part, should follow the patterns above. 

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