Per-Population Overrides

Select what data to share when one of your populations overlaps with a specific one of your partner's populations.

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Before proceeding with per-population overrides, it's important to ensure you have a clear understanding of two key concepts:

  • Sharing Defaults for Populations refer to the settings that dictate how your data is shared (or not shared), for all partners. This single default setting can be applied to all your partners.

  • Customizing Sharing Settings for Partners involves tailoring these defaults for a specific partner, determining how your data is shared with that particular partner. It can be customized for each population, and for each partner.

Now, if you wish to control the sharing of specific data with a partner's specific population, you can use Per-Population Overrides. In this context, per-population essentially means per-partner's-population.

Setting Per-Population Overrides

Sharing settings are located on the Partner Detail Page. Use the search bar to locate a partner or select a partner from the Partners workspace.

gif in crossbeam showing how to find Sharing settings on Partner Detail page
  • On the Partner Detail Page, click Sharing Settings

  • Locate the Population you want to edit

  • Click the edit pencil under Sharing Defaults for the Population

In the pop-up, click Customize. This will allow access the Enable Per Population Overrides option.

  • Click on Enable Per Population Overrides

  • A new section to create overrides will appear

  • Select the Population

  • Check the box(s) for the fields you want to share

In this space, you can also remove or disable overrides.

gif in crossbeam enabling population overrides

Add more override Populations or click the Save button when done.

โœ๏ธ Note

Per Population Overrides are only available for Overlap Counts or Sharing Data options.

Manage Per-Population Overrides

Population Overrides are located on the Partner Detail Page under the Sharing Settings button. Any Population with overrides will be displayed.

Hover over the highlighted fields to see what fields were selected for the override.

Click the edit pencil next to the Population to remove or edit the sharing settings for the Population override. See: Setting Per-Population Overrides in the above section to make changes.

screenshot in Crossbeam showing where to find population overrides once they are set up

โœ๏ธ Note

You can view overrides created by your partners by clicking on the Shared with You button on the Partner Detail Page.

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