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Explore your data overlaps with a specific partner and dive deeper into the data segments on Crossbeam.

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Overview of My Partners Workspace

From the left-side Menu, click on the Partners icon. Select Partners from the side panel options, and your workspace will display the My Partners Workspace.

  • Click the +Add Partner button to invite a partner to Crossbeam

    • pending invites will be listed on this page

  • Change the view of this list to a grid by clicking the view icons

  • Use the search bar to locate specific partners

  • Apply filters and sort options

  • Review Suggested Partners

gif showing what features are available to manage the partner list

This workspace is a comprehensive list of your partners, highlighting key partner information for Populations, Overlaps, Potential Revenue, Tags, and Partnership start dates.

For each partner, you will see:

  • Overlaps: Hover over the Overlaps number to see the amount of shared Overlap Counts and Shared Data

  • Populations: the amount of Populations the partner has

  • Potential Influence: reflects the calculated potential revenue number based on Open Opportunities

  • Tags: click on individual tags to sort by tag, click the pencil to add tags or remove tags

  • Partnered: see the initiation date of each partnership

gif of my partner table in Crossbeam

To see the full detailed page for each Partner, click directly on the Partner name.

The Partners Detail Page

From the My Partner workspace, click directly on a Partner name to open the Partner Detail Page.

Located along the top of the Partner Detail Page are the following tabs:

  • Overview, what this article is covering

  • Threads, click here to learn more

  • Shared with You, click here to learn more

  • Sharing Settings, Click here to learn more

On the left side column you will see a quick overview of the partner, the assigned Partner Tags and the option to edit them by clicking the pencil icon. In this section is also the option to remove the partner by clicking on the Delete Partner button.

Partnership Summary

Your partnership summary shows three metrics boxes:

  • Total overlaps: the number of overlaps between you and your partners across all populations

  • Potential Revenue: the total dollar amount of your open opportunities that overlap with your partner

    • Potential Revenue is calculated by summing up open opportunity amount values in overlaps for each partnership

  • Total Attributed: the amount of total sourced and attributed per partner

    • hover over Total Attributed and click View in Attribution to be redirected to the Attribution workspace to learn more

✍️ Note

Potential Revenue adjustments can be configured by clicking on the Potential Revenue gear icon located on the left column under the partner overview section. Learn more on configuring the Potential Revenue fields here.

Account Mapping Matrix

In the matrix, your Populations (CrowdBlossom) will be on the left column, with your three Standard Populations listed first and your Custom Populations next.

Your partner's populations (Bozala) will be on the top row, with their three Standard Populations listed first and their Custom Populations next. Use the arrows to scroll through additional Custom Populations.

Click on the number of overlaps box to be taken to a report comparing these Populations.

Your Account Mapping Matrix includes two views:

  • Total Overlaps: a breakdown of overlaps between your populations and your partner's populations

  • Potential Revenue: the dollar amount of your open opportunities that overlap with your partner's accounts.

Use the data to assess potential tech partners, prioritize efforts on key collaborations, and obtain leadership approval for investing in targeted partnerships.

✍️ Note

To utilize Potential Revenue, read this article for configuration requirements.

Potential Revenue is only available on Connector plan and Supernode plan. The Explorer Plan is View Only. To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.

Top Overlaps

Top Overlaps section displays the count of overlaps between your Populations and your partner's Populations. Access the Top Overlaps chart for an overview, click any overlap for a detailed report, and expand or collapse the chart located under the Account Mapping Matrix on the Partner Detail Page.

screenshot of the top overlaps section on the partner detail page

Population Breakdown

The Population Breakdown section is organized by your partner's Populations, and under each Population name is a list of all of your populations and a count of how many overlaps exist in that particular combination. A bar graph on the right side of the page illustrates the magnitude of this overlap relative to its intersection with your other populations.

Click View Report to open a report with your partner's Population selected and all of your Populations selected. You can expand or collapse the Population breakdown section on the Partner Detail Page.

🎓 Sign into Crossbeam Academy to further explore Account Mapping, Overlaps, and Potential Revenue to make your data actionable!

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