For paying Crossbeam customers on a Professional or Enterprise HubSpot plan, start seeing the impact of your Crossbeam overlap data across email campaigns, workflows, report dashboards and more.

Getting Started:

  1. Connect Crossbeam with HubSpot.

    1. Only system admins can authenticate the connection.

  2. Go to Crossbeam's integrations page in-app to connect.

3. Once you've synced Crossbeam with HubSpot, select the reports you'd like to use as the foundation for list creation in HubSpot.

4. Upon selecting your reports, new overlaps will automatically push into HubSpot and will be saved in associated lists in HubSpot. Contact lists will appear in HubSpot with the same naming convention as your reports in Crossbeam:

Please note, all overlaps that are present in associated contact lists will be updated in real-time, removing stale overlaps and surfacing new records. Corresponding campaigns are kept highly targeted, relevant and accurate.

5. From here, your marketing team can use these lists to set up co-marketing activities like email campaigns, workflows, and more.

  • Need to test?

    • You can cross-reference overlap flows by verifying the contact list in HubSpot was created as 'Crossbeam [Selected Report Name]'

    • Verify data from those accounts are added to the Contact List that was selected when configuring the HubSpot integration

Crossbeam Custom Overlaps Object in HubSpot

To leverage the Custom Object: Authenticate the connection to begin routing overlaps in the Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object in HubSpot.

  1. Go into your integration settings for HubSpot and select the Populations you'd like to pipe into the Crossbeam Custom Overlaps Object.

    1. Please note, your report configurations do not impact Population Configurations.

Once you've configured your populations, the following fields will automatically be passed (and are locked) in HubSpot:

  • Account ID

  • Crossbeam EID

  • Lead ID

  • Partner AE Email

  • Partner AE Name

  • Partner AE Phone

  • Partner

  • Partner Population (Name of partner population the overlap is identified on)

  • Population (Name of population)

From here, you can use the Custom Object to trigger new workflows, sales tasks, reports, and boundless other activities.

Customers must be on the HubSpot Enterprise plan to access the Custom Object and associated configurations.

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