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Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce FAQs
Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce FAQs

Answers to common questions about Copilot for Salesforce.

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Can I see the Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce on Opportunities or Contacts in Salesforce?

Yes, the Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce appears on Accounts, Leads along with Opportunities and Contacts in Salesforce.

Does your app work in Salesforce Classic?

Yes, and no. Our app setup wizard only works in Lightning, and our Crossbeam Copilot pictured above is only viewable in Lightning. However, we push data to a custom object in Salesforce that can be added to Account, Opportunity, and Lead page layouts so that they are viewable in classic. Learn more here.

Third-Party access must be approved to continue with the installation and use the Crossbeam Integration in Salesforce. The third-party access allows us to:

  • - get Crossbeam data

  • - authenticate your Crossbeam users

  • - authenticate your Salesforce access for data

  • - allows us to report on errors

  • - required for Salesforce testing

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