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Understanding Sales Edge Notifications
Understanding Sales Edge Notifications

Never miss an opportunity and get the most out of Sales Edge with notifications.

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Sales Edge Notifications Settings

Open Sales Edge by clicking on the Co-Selling icon in Crossbeam. In Sales Edge, click on the Avatar and select Settings from the dropdown options. Next, click on Alerts to display the Notifications workspace.

To enable Notifications in the browser, click the Bell Icon found next to the user Avatar and follow the prompts to enable notifications.

screenshot of the bell icon in Sales Edge

โœ๏ธ Note

New to Co-Selling in Sales Edge? Check out this article here for more details on making the most of Sales Edge Co-Selling Automation, including set-up steps for Shared Slack Channels and more.

Deal Insights Notifications

Sales Edge provides daily and weekly targeted email notifications, helping you engage partner accounts from open opportunities to close won.

Weekly Focus List

The end-of-week email provides a summary of new accounts, opportunities, recently won accounts, and closed accounts.

New Overlaps, Recently Assigned Overlaps, and New Deals

These emails will list the account and partner(s) along with context prompts to start the conversation in Sales Edge.

screenshot of what email notification

New Requests Emails

screenshot of new request in Sales Edge

Other Notifications

Action Required Reminder

This daily email targets Partner Managers to take action on outstanding items, such as approving conversations in Sales Edge.

screenshot of daily email reminder notification

Slack Notifications

These Sales Edge Slack Notifications alert users of specific interactions or messages that are relevant to target accounts and can provide insights, introductions, or assistance.

Slack Nudge Message

screenshot in slack of nudge notifications

Weekly Report

Mid-Week Update for Sales

screenshot of mid week notifications

New Account Overlaps

screenshot of new account overlaps notification

Manage Notifications

If you would like to change your notifications, you can do it directly in Sales Edge. Click on the Avatar and select Settings from the dropdown options. Next, click on Alerts to display the Notifications workspace. Next, toggle on or off any of the notification options.

Unless Slack is configured, Sales Edge will send all notifications over email.

After configuring Slack, notifications will be sent to Slack by default rather than email.

๐Ÿ˜Ž Pro Tip

Crossbeam recommends setting Slack alerts, as these alerts are more convenient and actionable to handle directly in Slack.

If you prefer email as the default notification channel, you can disable Slack alerts by toggling them off in the Notifications settings (not recommended).

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