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Adobe Marketo Engage Installation and Configuration Guide
Adobe Marketo Engage Installation and Configuration Guide
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The Crossbeam-Marketo integration identifies overlapping accounts, retrieves associated individuals in Marketo, and applies them to your designated Marketo Programs. This document serves as an installation and configuration guide for the Marketo app.

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Installation Requirements

  1. You must have Salesforce connected as a Data Source within your Crossbeam account to leverage this integration. See our help article here for more information on Salesforce as a Data Source.

  2. You must be on the Supernode plan to access this integration. Visit our pricing page here for more details.

Install the App

  • Navigate to the Integrations Workspace in your Crossbeam account

    • On the Marketo tile, click Install (note: you may need to upgrade prior to installing)

  • Complete the Crossbeam Authentication process:

    • Click on New Authentication

    • Create a New Authentication

    • Select your personal credentials

    • Authorize App Access

  • Complete the Marketo Authentication process:

    • Click on New Authentication

  • Create a New Authentication

    • Details to fill in the required fields will need to be accessed and provided by a Marketo administrator. See below for instructions on how to find them in your Marketo instance.

In Marketo navigate to:

  • API endpoint domain: Admin >> Integration >> Web Services >> Rest API >> Endpoint

    • Copy the endpoint URL, excluding the “/rest” at the end of the URL

  • Client ID and Client Secret: Admin >> Integration >> LaunchPoint >> Create a New Service

    • Enter details


  • Select Create

  • Select View Details

    • Client ID and Client Secret will be displayed

  • Copy & paste the above values from Client ID and Client Secret into the Crossbeam modal

    • Select Create within the Crossbeam modal to complete installation

Configure Crossbeam Reports to Marketo

Once you’ve installed the Marketo app using the steps above, follow the instructions below and/or watch this 1-minute video to learn how to configure and associate Crossbeam Reports to Marketo Programs.

  • Associate your Crossbeam Reports to your Marketo Programs

    • Organization >> Select your Crossbeam Organization

    • Report >> Select your desired Crossbeam Report

    • Program >> Associate the selected Crossbeam Report to the desired Marketo Program

  • Repeat the above steps for additional associations. Associations can be removed at any time.

  • Enter a date for processing to ensure all persons are captured in the Members tab of your desired Programs

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