Add Data to a CSV File

Keep your populations up to date by uploading new CSV files and adding them to existing populations.

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How to Add Data to an Existing CSV File

The steps of adding Data to an existing CSV file are similar to the steps to uploading a new CSV file.

From the left-side Navigation Menu, click on the Data icon. This will open the side panel for Data & Sharing, select Data Sources from the panel options, and your workspace will display the Data Sources area.

  • Click the down arrow next to the CSV Upload row

  • Locate the existing CSV file you are updating and select the Add Data button

GIF in Crossbeam showing where to add data to existing CSV file

✍️ Note

The CSV file is used to create your populations, when you add data to an existing CSV file, the new data will automatically be added to any populations that are based on that file.

Next, follow the rest of the instructions for uploading CSVs and the data will be added to the file that you select.Β 

Map Columns for Existing Data

If you did not map your Account Owner Data with you initially uploaded the CSV file, you can click the Map Columns button next to Add Data on the CSV file row.

Screenshot of Crossbeam map columns to existing data

Even if the headers of these fields differ upon upload, mapping the columns streamlines the Account Owner information so it displays consistently in your account, and when sharing with partners.

Now that you added new data to your CSV file, the new data will be reflected in the population.

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