Create a New Population from a CSV
Create a population by segmenting the data you uploaded from your CSV.
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After your CSV file upload has processed, head on over to the populations page to create new populations from your uploaded CSV data. 

How to Create a Population from a CSV

 1. Go to the populations page and click "Create" for the type of accounts in your file:

You'll see our three Standard Population buckets: Prospects, Open Opportunities, and Prospects. In this example, I've uploaded my "Prospects."

2. In the population builder select "CSV Upload" as your Data Source (1), the newly uploaded file name as File (2), then click "Continue" (3):

Note: if your file has not finished processing, you will see this screen when you click the File drop down.

3. Once processed, you will see the data in the Population Preview. You have the option to filter on the data to make the CSV data more granular.

If there is no need to filter the CSV file, simply click "Save & Run."

4. After you click "Save & Run" the last step is to define your Sharing Defaults (more info on the Sharing Settings here):

5. And you're done! You can repeat these steps for all of the Standard Populations, and Custom Populations, if you'd like.

Watch a video of the steps here:

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