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Upload a CSV of your accounts or leads.

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A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a text file that has a specific format which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. Once you upload your CSV file into Crossbeam, you can use your data to create Populations, reports, and grow your ecosystem.

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How to Add a CSV File

From the left-side menu, click on the Data icon. From the side panel, select Data Sources from the options, and your workspace will display the Data Sources area.

Add a new CSV File:

  • Click the Add button at the end of the CSV upload row


  • Click the CSV Upload tile under Add a Data Source

screenshot in crossbeam to upload CSV file

Next, you will be prompted to complete the upload process.


The file must be in the CSV format and the size limit is 15 MB. For larger files, use Google Sheets.

Download a CSV File template here as a starting point.

You can edit the template to add columns.

Company Website header column is required even if the column is blank.

Upload CSV

1. Add File

  • Click on Browse to select a file from your computer file directory

  • Next, input the CSV Name

    • this file name will be shared with partners when you share data

  • Select data type:

    • if you select Companies for data type:

      • your CSV file must contain a column that contains values for company names and a column that contains values for company websites

    • if you select People for data type:

      • your CSV file must contain a column that contains email addresses. These columns are required to upload your CSV

Click the Next button once you have completed these steps.

2. Map Columns

This step will ensure the data headers in the CSV are aligned correctly for Crossbeam.

  • If your data type is Companies:

    • Select the Company Name Column from the drop-down options under Company Name

    • Select the Company Website Column from the drop-down options under Website

  • If your data type is People:

    • Select the Email Column from the drop-down options

Continue to the steps below if you would like to complete the optional Map Account Owner Columns, or click the Upload button to complete the CSV upload process without Mapping AE Columns.

Optional Map Account Owner Columns

Both types of data (Companies and People) include an optional Map Account Owner Columns toggle button. If you would like your Account Owner information to display in Crossbeam, toggle this button On.

✍️ Note

If you want Account Owner Data to be mapped in Crossbeam, you will need to add a column for Account Owner Email (Account Owner Name and Account Owner Phone are optional columns) in the CSV file.

After completing the above steps, click the Upload button.

✍️ Note

Please allow a few minutes for the upload to fully process. If there are any errors, they will be highlighted in red with details on the error issue.

Once the data has been processed, you will see Active denote in the Data Source row.

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