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How to Remove a CSV File

Learn how to clean-up and manage unwanted CSV data sources

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Keep data clean and organized to uncover insights within your partnership ecosystem. Crossbeam makes it easy to remove and manage unwanted CSV files.

How to Remove a CSV file

From the left-side Navigation Menu, click on the Data icon. This will open the side panel for Data & Sharing, select Data Sources from the panel options, and your workspace will display the Data Sources area.

  • Click the down arrow next to the CSV Upload row

  • Locate the existing CSV file you are removing and select the Remove button

GIF in Crossbeam of how to delete CSV file

As you consider removing a CSV file, please keep in mind that any Populations powered by the CSV will also be deleted - impacting corresponding Populations and Reports.

You will see the following prompt before you can finalize deleting the file.

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