Easily manage your inbound HubSpot connection via the HubSpot Settings menu!

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You can manage your HubSpot connection on your Data Sources page by hovering over the three dots on the HubSpot row of the data sources table and clicking on "Settings".

Reauthorize your connection

You may need to reauthorize this connection if the user who initially authenticated the connection loses access to HubSpot or no longer has the required permissions in place to sync data.

To reauthorize this connection, first ensure you have the proper HubSpot permissions in place to authorize this connection. Only users with Super Admin permissions and App Marketplace access within HubSpot will be able to authorize this sync.

With proper HubSpot permissions in place, select "Click here to reauthorize" to authenticate the connection with a different username and password. 

Pause Data Syncing

Use the toggle to the right of "Sync Data from HubSpot" to easily turn this sync on and off.

When the toggle is green and it says "Active" next to "Connection Status", your connection is active. 

When the toggle is grey and it says "Not Syncing" next to "Connection Status", your connection is paused. 

You will not be able to select or remove fields while the sync is paused. Turn your sync on in order to make adjustments.

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View Connection Status

The connection status appears within the HubSpot Settings menu and also on your Data Sources page.

  • Active: the integration is active and will sync according to your sync frequency.

  • Not Syncing: the integration is paused and will not sync data until it is made active.

  • Error: the integration hit an error and is unable to sync. If available, details on the error will appear here


If you don't see an error message, and your sync is not behaving as expected, please reach out to us through chat or at support@crossbeam.com.

Adjust Sync Frequency

You can adjust the frequency at which Crossbeam syncs data from HubSpot by selecting a value from the "Update Frequency" dropdown menu.


Manage Which Fields to Sync

By default, we pull in a set of fields from HubSpot for you to use within Crossbeam. You can find the list of those fields at the bottom of this article. These fields will appear greyed out and are unable to be removed.

You can add additional fields by clicking "All Fields" and either scrolling to select fields, or searching for a specific field in the search bar. Check the box next to the field name to include it in future syncs. 

Don't panic! It will take a few minutes to fully sync newly selected fields into Crossbeam. Before that, you will receive an error and/or unexpected results if you try and use the field to filter. 

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