Connecting your Data Source

  1. Navigate to "Data Sources" in the User Menu.

2. Scroll to the "Hubspot" integration and click to connect.

3.  Confirm that you would like to create a Hubspot connection.

4. You will see a confirmation message upon successful connection.

5. Close the successful integration window, and you will see Hubspot listed in your data integrations list.

Data will take a couple of minutes to fully process. After that, you'll be ready to create Populations.

Hubspot Fields

When you integrate Hubspot with Crossbeam, we bring in a default set of fields for your Company and Deals tables. We can add additional fields through Hubspot Settings.


  • Id

  • Name

  • Website

  • Created At


  • Amount

  • Close Date

Managing your Hubspot Connection

Once Hubspot is connected, find out how to manage your connection. 

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