Connecting your Data Source

1) Navigate to "Data Sources" in the User Menu.

2) Scroll to the "Add a Data Source" section and click the HubSpot tile.

3) A pop-up will appear. Click "Connect HubSpot" to confirm that you would like to create a Hubspot connection. Then, confirm the account you wish to use to authorize HubSpot as a Crossbeam data source. After you've chosen the account, click "Connect app" to finish.

4) You will see a confirmation message upon successful connection.

5) Close the successful integration window, and you will see Hubspot listed in your data integrations list.

Data will take a couple of minutes to fully process. After that, you'll be ready to create Populations.

Hubspot Fields

When you integrate Hubspot with Crossbeam, we bring in a default set of fields for your Company and Deals tables. We can add additional fields through Hubspot Settings.

Learn how to manage the fields Crossbeam brings in from Hubspot here.


  • Id

  • Name

  • Website

  • Created At


  • Amount

  • Close Date

Managing your Hubspot Connection

Once Hubspot is connected, find out how to manage your connection

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