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To reply to a thread, simply type a message in the text editor, optionally using the rich text editing options at the bottom of the message box. 

Then, either hit "Reply" to post your message, or "Reply and Close" to post your message and then immediately close the thread. 

All replies are visible by everyone in your org and your partner's org. 

Replies can be edited and deleted after they are posted. 

Internal Note

To write an internal note, click the "Internal Note" button above the text editor. Then, you can write a message as usual and hit "Reply" to post the internal note. 

Notes will appear as yellow both when you're creating them and posting them. 

Internal notes are only visible to your team members. No one in your partner's org can see your internal notes. 

Editing Posts 

You can edit a post that you created by clicking the "..." in the bottom right of the post and selecting "Edit". The post will turn into an in-place text editor, where you can modify your original message and click "Save".

Deleting Posts

You can delete a post that you created by clicking the "..." in the bottom right of the post and selecting "Delete". 

You will be prompted with a modal to confirm the deletion:

Click "Delete" and the post will be deleted. You will see an action block appear that is visible to everyone in your org and everyone in your partner's org that says that a message was deleted. 

Close a Thread

Once you are done collaborating on a specific company or person, you can close your thread. You can do this one of two ways: 

1. By clicking "Close Thread" in the "Status" section on the right side of the thread 

2. By creating a post in the thread and clicking "Reply and Close"

Once a thread is closed, you will see an "action block" appear in the thread that lets you know that the thread was closed and who closed it. (see image below)

You can always reopen a thread in the same two places that you can close them (the status section on the right of the thread and by creating a new post and clicking "Reopen and Reply"). Another action block will show you that it was reopened and by whom.

Change Owners

You can change the owners of a thread by clicking "Change" next to the owner you'd like to change (the one in your org or your partner's).

You are only able to select another owner from the same partner, for security reasons. 

Edit Thread Title

You can edit the title of a thread by clicking the edit pencil next to the existing title:

Then, just edit the title inline and click away to save:

Notifications on Threads

You will receive notifications for:

1. A new thread that was created and assigned to you

2. New posts in a thread that you own

These notifications will come both via email and via the notification center in-app. 

Soon, you will be able to manage your notification settings on an individual thread and more broadly for all threads in your user settings.

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