View a list of Threads

There are three different places where you can view a list of threads. 

1. By clicking on the "Threads" button in the top header nav
This is all threads created by someone in your organization or threads where someone in your organization is an owner. 

2. By clicking on the "Threads" tab when viewing a specific company or person
This is all of the threads that have been created about that specific company or person, only. 

3. On the Dashboard
This is a list of recent threads that have new unread activity.

When viewing a list of threads, you will see:

  1. Thread title. Titles are auto-generated based on the type of thread, but can be changed. 

  2. Record. The record that the thread was created about.

  3. Owners. There is an owner both on your company's side and on your partner's side. There can only be two owners, one on each side. Owners are required. 

  4. Last Reply. The time stamp for the last reply that was made in the thread. Internal notes do not count towards this. 

  5. Replies. The total number of replies in the thread. This does not include internal notes.

Filtering on a List of Threads

You can filter on a list of threads (except on the dashboard). You can filter by:

  • Thread type

  • Owners

  • Partner

  • Opened/closed status

  • Read/unread status

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