Multi-Partner Reports

Analyzing multiple partners data in one report.

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Reports allow to you analyze populations and overlaps between you and your partners. To create reports you must first build Populations and be connected to Partners.


This is available on our Connector Tier. Contact Crossbeam here if you'd like to upgrade your account.

Watch this brief video or keep reading to learn how to build Multi-Partner Reports:

Create New Report

  1. Click on Reports to open the Reports page.

  2. Locate the Create Report button and click on it.

  3. In the next screen you will Configure Your Report.

Build Multi-Partner Report

  1. Add a name to the Report under Report Name (optional).

  2. Next, select an option under Report Set to:

    1. Overlap: You will see overlapping accounts

    2. Does not Overlap: You will see accounts that don't overlap

  3. Click under My Populations to see the Population options, select the Populations you want in the Report, and click Apply.

  4. Click under Configure Partner(s) and select each Partner you want to compare Populations with or you have the option to select All Partners.

  5. Each Partner will now have their own Populations menu option. Select Populations, select the Populations you want in the Report, and click Apply.

  6. Now click Run Report.

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