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Plays and Contacts for Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce
Plays and Contacts for Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce
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Crossbeam Copilot Overview

Crossbeam Copilot puts Ecosystem Intelligence in the hands of sellers where they work every day. Our current Copilot Apps include: Salesforce, HubSpot, Chrome, and Gong.

With access to Copilot, sellers can:

Prospect Smarter

  • Identify which partners are the best to help provide insights, introductions, or assistance with target accounts. And then reach out to them directly from within the app.

  • Access enriched contacts with signals like “Decision-maker” and “Economic Buyer” to help identify the best contacts to reach out to. And add them to your CRM if they’re missing!

Close Deals Faster

  • Leverage Ecosystem-Led Growth plays packed with relevant actions sellers can take based on partner status and contextual insight for every deal.

What are Plays and Contacts?

Use Plays and Contacts in the Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce to access the best contacts, expedite deal closures, and gain insights into the most effective next steps. Filter out unnecessary leads, emails, and notifications, and equip your sellers with prime contacts and actionable steps for faster deal closures.

New to the Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce or need a refresher?

Check out the detailed article here.


The feature is only available on the Connector Plan and Supernode Plan. To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.

Copilot users must be assigned a Crossbeam Sales seat to access Copilot.

Click here to open the detailed Installation Guide for Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce permissions sets.

Add Plays and Contacts to the Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce

To configure Plays and Contacts:

  • Click the Contacts or Plays tab in Copilot

✍️ Note

These tabs will initially be unavailable, one of the two screen options below will be displayed, depending on the user's permissions:

✍️ Note

A Salesforce Admin with the Crossbeam Setup User permission set can access the Salesforce settings. A Crossbeam seat is not required for this configuration.

If the user does not have the correct permission set, they will see a prompt to contact your company's Salesforce Admin to complete the configuration.

Configure Trusted URLs

Click Configure Trusted URLs button to be redirected to the Salesforce Settings.

In the settings:

  • Type Trusted URLs into the Quick Find bar and click on Trusted URLs

  • Salesforce will now display the Trusted URLs page

  • Locate the New Trusted URL button on the page and click on it

  • In the Trusted URLs workspace, add the following:

API Name



CSP Context

Lightning Experience Pages

CSP Directives

frame-src (iframe content)

Click the Save button and then validate by clicking the Validate Trusted URLs button.

Need a video on Trusted URLs? Click here to see the steps in action.

Conditions to See Plays and Contacts


There are various conditions to make plays available to your team. If your partner is sharing Customer Population and Open Opportunity Population, as well as opportunity level data, you will have access to most plays available in Copilot.

For every Play except Pitch the Stack, the partner needs to be sharing the account owner’s name and email. This is required because the Play instructs you to reach out to the account owner, so without those details, Crossbeam won't have any next steps to give you.

Example Play: Recently Won

  • Conditions:

    • Your partner closed this deal in the last 90 days

    • This is your Prospect or Open Opportunity

    • Partner is sharing account owner name and email

  • Outcomes:

    • Find the Champion and Economic buyer

    • Validate your contacts and get the scoop on the sales process.


The Contacts Tab shows all contacts shared by your partners on Crossbeam. If a contact isn't in your CRM, Crossbeam will display Add to CRM, allowing you to add the new contact directly to your Salesforce.

Using the Plays and Contacts in Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce


Click on the Contacts tab in the Copilot to see details on the best contacts for their opportunities and to see Partner Connections.


Click on the Plays tab in the Crossbeam Salesforce Widget to see a list of actionable next steps.

Click, See Plays to open available Plays to engage with your contact.

Select Risk & Conditions to view details about the Play, who it's best suited for, key conditions, and potential risks.

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