Accept a Partner Invite

You've been invited, now it's just a few clicks until you're live with a new partner on Crossbeam.

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Now that you know how to send an invitation in Crossbeam, it's important to know the process for responding to an invitation someone else has sent to you.

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When you receive an invitation from a potential partner, the invite will appear both in your email inbox and in the Crossbeam platform on the Partners page.

Click Reject if you wish to dismiss the invite and remove it from your company's view. Please note: rejecting a partner invites will not send a notification to the account that invited you.

To accept the request to partner click Accept Invite.

You'll be prompted to confirm your acceptance. Before accepting, decide on the sharing settings for your partner.

You can use all of the sharing defaults set already for your populations, or you can set them all to Overlap counts easily by toggling the dropdown menu for each population.

As soon as you click Accept, the invitation will be accepted and your partnership will be live.

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