You can access the Partner Detail Page by heading to your Partners page (via the top menu) and clicking on the name of any individual partner. 

The page itself provides you with a few different things: 

Overlap Summary

A count of how many overlaps exist between each of your populations and each of your partner's populations. An overall view is available in the "Top Overlaps" chart, then there is a "Population Breakdown" that shows you totals per you partner's population. 

Population Breakdown

The "Population Breakdown" is organized by your partner's populations, and under each population name is a list of all of your populations and a count of of how many overlaps exist in that particular combination. A bar graph on the right side of the page illustrates the magnitude of this overlap relative to its intersection with your other populations.

Clicking View Details will take you to the Compare page, with you partner's population selected and all of your populations selected.

Shared with You

Shows with populations your partner has made visible to you (for overlap counts, not details), and what data sharing rules your partner has created with you.

Shared with Partner

Shows which populations you have made visible to your partner (for overlap counts, not details), and what data sharing rules you have created with your partner. You can edit and delete data sharing rules right from this page. 

Controlling Visibility and Data Sharing 

In the top right of the page, you will also find several helpful links that you can use to expand the scope of your data collaboration with your partner. 

  • Edit Population Visibility provides you with options for controlling which populations this partner can see. Note that this will hide populations from them entirely. You can learn more about population visibility here.
  • Request Data allows you to send a data share request to this partner in which you ask them to share specific data points with you under certain conditions. 
  • Share Your Data allows you to set up a data sharing rule that will allow you to share specific data with this partner when specific conditions are met.

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