You Can Put Your Trust in Crossbeam

Here’s a common scenario: You want to partner with another company to improve each of your go-to-market strategies or build better offerings for your common customers. But when it comes time to share data with your partner, the existing tools leave a lot to be desired. You could export a spreadsheet and attach it to an email, or send it over chat or drop it in a shared drive, but these methods may be insecure, and they leave you with little to no control over—or visibility into—who can see what data. That’s where Crossbeam comes in.

Purpose-built for partner data sharing.

A security-first platform: We know your data is important, so we designed our platform with privacy and security top of mind. For more details, see

Smart data sharing: Our powerful data sharing features are built around the concept of “overlaps”: companies or contacts that are known to both Partners in a partnership. You can share as much information as you want about the companies you have in common, while keeping everything else private.

Granular control over your data, at multiple levels. You control:

The data you import into Crossbeam: Whether connecting to a CRM or uploading a raw CSV file, you control what data goes into Crossbeam—at the individual field level.

The data that will be shared: Crossbeam never automatically shares the raw data you import. Instead, we only share your “Populations”: curated subsets of your raw data, filtered to include or exclude data based on any attribute you choose.

The specific data you share with each Partner: For each Population you choose to share with a Partner, Crossbeam lets you set rules about which fields of data you want to share when specific matching conditions are met—on a Partner-by-Partner basis.

Transparency into your data at all times.

You control your Partners: Partnerships on Crossbeam are dual opt-in relationships: one company sends an invite that the other must accept before any data can be shared.

You set the rules before any data is shared: Even once you establish a partnership, Crossbeam won’t share any of your data with your new Partner until you have proactively confirmed or configured your data sharing rules for that Partner.

You have full transparency: Crossbeam provides powerful reporting tools that let you see how much of your data is being shared, along with the Partners that are receiving it, and how your data sharing rules are being applied.

For more detail, please visit our Security Dashboard.

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