Secure Integrations

Crossbeam's data integrations allow companies to choose from dozens of potential sources of truth from which to pull data. We natively support the most popular CRM systems and offer custom integration options for dozens of other customer data platforms.

Data Sharing

Crossbeam clients have complete control over the data they share. Using Crossbeam’s data sharing rules, the client has granular controls over exactly what data their partners see.

Data Usage

Clients may upload or push their data to Crossbeam, which we call “Customer Data.” Customer Data is owned and controlled by the client, and any Customer Data that we maintain or process we consider to be strictly confidential. We collect and process Customer Data solely on behalf of the client, and in accordance with our agreements with the client, including the Terms of Service. We do not use or disclose Customer Data except as authorized and required by our clients and as provided for in our agreements.

The types of data shared may include, at the client's discretion:

  • Names and contact information for the companies in the client's customer base and sales pipeline

  • Names and contact information for the people at those companies using the client’s product or involved in the buying process.

Data Segregation and Privacy

We segment customer data with unique keys assigned to each customer, which are used when retrieving the data to ensure only data for that customer is read.

For more detail, please visit our Security Dashboard.

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