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Onboarding with the Crossbeam Setup Guide
Onboarding with the Crossbeam Setup Guide

Everything you need to get up and running on Crossbeam in no time.

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Cruise through onboarding with the Crossbeam Setup Guide. Use the guide to complete key steps in Crossbeam so you can get to the fun stuff (like account mapping) faster:

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1. Add Partners

Invite your partners to join you for account mapping.

2. Add Data

Integrate with your CRM system or upload Google Sheets (or a CSV) to get your data flowing into Crossbeam.ย 

3. Create Populations
Segment your data into meaningful groups of people or companies.

4. Share Data
Share exactly what you want with who you want, and nothing more.

5. Account Mapping

Gain new data-driven, actionable insights about your partnerships using the Account Mapping Matrix or Reports.

6. Invite Team Members

Scale partnership collaboration by inviting team members to join Crossbeam.

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