Sharing the right data with your partners is critical to effective collaboration with in Crossbeam. Request data from your partners right in Crossbeam.

Your partner has sent you a data request, let's walk through how to fulfill the data request. 

You will have received an email notifying you of the data request that looks something like this: 

You will also receive an in-app notification that a partner is requesting shared data:

Complete the Data Request

Click "Review & Share Data" to view the data request in Crossbeam, already pre-filled for you with the population they are requesting data from. Select the populations of theirs that you want to share data with:

Click Next and select the data you'd like to share with them. 

Click Next again and review the populations you've selected and the data you will be sharing.

Confirm the data you've chosen, then click "Confirm and Create Data Sharing Rule." 

Pending Data Share Requests

View your pending data share requests in the notification center. 

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