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Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot
Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot
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When viewing an account within HubSpot, the Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot will show your Crossbeam data on overlaps, contacts, plays, and account highlights with a recommended play.


Crossbeam for Sales must be configured prior to completing this installation. To check your Crossbeam for Sales status, click the Co-Sell icon in Crossbeam. If you have not configured Crossbeam for Sales, you will be asked to approve the data connection while setting up the Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot.

✍️ Note

Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot are only available on the Connector plan and Supernode plan.

To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.

How to Install Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot


Users must have a Crossbeam Full Access seat and/or Sales seat.

Additionally, Crossbeam Users must have Crossbeam Admin role or Crossbeam for Sales Manager role to set up this integration.

The role must have permission access to Crossbeam Integrations. For more details, please read the User Roles and Permissions article here.

The Crossbeam User must also have the App Marketplace Access Permission Set in HubSpot before installing the Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot Integration.

To set up HubSpot permission and install this app, contact your HubSpot Super Admin. Click here for the HubSpot Permissions Guide.

In your Crossbeam account:

  • Click the Data icon and select Integrations from the side panel options

  • Locate the Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot tile from the Integrations section

  • Click Install to start the process

Connect Crossbeam for Sales to HubSpot

In a new window, follow the prompts to complete the connection:

  • Choose an account from the options

    • Click Choose Account button

  • In the next screen, click confirm to continue

  • The last window will confirm the successful connection

When viewing a company in HubSpot, you will now find the Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot on the right side of the screen.

Using the Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot

Copilot is your companion while viewing accounts in HubSpot and is located on the right side of the screen when viewing an account in HubSpot. The Copilot will display a list of overlapping partners related to the account you are viewing.

Click the View All button to open a modal with tabs for Account, Partners, Contacts, and Plays.

Account Tab

From the pop-up modal:

  • Click the Account tab to access account highlights and recommended plays

  • Click View Play Details to see more information on the plays

screenshot in HubSpot of of account highlights tab

Partners Tab

From the pop-up modal:

  • Click the Partner tab to access a list of Partner contact information

  • Click View More to see Account info, Account Owners, and Open Opportunities

gif partner tab in copilot hubspot

Contacts Tab

From the pop-up modal:

  • Click the Contacts tab to access contacts

  • Select a Contact to see details on the best contacts for their opportunities and to see Partner Connections.

gif of contact tab in copilot hubspot

Plays Tab

From the pop-up modal:

  • Click the Plays tab

    • Select Play to see a list of actionable next steps

    • Select Risk & Conditions to view details about the Play, who it's best suited for, key conditions, and potential risks

gif in plays tab copilot hubspot

Copilot and Safari Web Browser

When using the Safari web browser, you may encounter issues with logging into Copilot.

To fix this, complete the following steps:

  • In Safari, open the settings from the menu bar by clicking on Safari

  • In the popup, click the Privacy icon

  • Unselect the box next to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking to disable it

Return to the login process in Copilot.

✍️ Note

If you do not have a Crossbeam User seat, you will not be able to access all of Copilot. Click Request Access in the Crossbeam Copilot for HubSpot to learn more.

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