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Crossbeam Copilot for Chrome Extension
Crossbeam Copilot for Chrome Extension

Capture passive overlaps from partners across the web in your Chrome browser.

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Crossbeam Copilot for Chrome Extension enables you to see your partner overlap data while browsing websites on Chrome. This means you can easily view matching partners and shared populations without having to navigate directly to Crossbeam.

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How to Install

Crossbeam Integration Workspace

Navigate to the Integrations workspace in Crossbeam. Locate the Crossbeam Copilot Chrome Extension tile and click the Install button. This will open the Google Chrome store, and you will be prompted to complete the installation process.

After installing the extension, pin the Crossbeam Copilot Extension to your browser. Click on the Crossbeam Logo and sign in to your Crossbeam account to get started with the Crossbeam Copilot for Chrome.

What does Crossbeam Copilot for Chrome Extension do?

Browse the web like normal while the extension runs in the background. If a site you visit matches data from your Crossbeam account, notifications will pop up to alert you.

Click on the extension to Open Copilot to see:


The Account tab is the default landing page for Crossbeam Copilot. It provides key partner insights for the account you’re looking at and will even surface a recommended Play for you to leverage based on contextual insight for your deal.


The Partners tab provides a high-level overview of the associated partners for the account you’re digging into. Ecosystem Intelligence signals are piped in to help sellers know which partners are the best ones to reach out to or prioritize for their deals.


The contact tab surfaces contacts partners are sharing that you might not have on your end. This list of contacts provides additional context based on the shared number of partners and partner activity to make them more appealing for you to reach out to. Ecosystem Intelligence signals are also piped into these contacts to help you know who the decision-maker might be, or who just recently had activity with your key partner.


This tab provides relevant actions you can take depending on the partner status with the account and the additional data available.

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