What are Data Sources?
A rundown of Data Sources and the role they play in the Crossbeam platform.
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Data Sources are how Crossbeam accesses your data for use in the platform

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Video: What are Data Sources?

  • Your company must have at least one Data Source connected (or one Google Sheet or CSV uploaded) in order to use the platform

  • You are not sharing data by connecting a Data Source

  • Data Sources are typically SaaS tools that serve as the system of record about your sales pipeline and customer base (i.e. CRM systems)

  • With the exception of CSVs, Data Sources automatically update several times a day to keep your data current and accurate

  • Without a Data Source, you can't create Populations, and without Populations you can't compare your data to partners

Browse our library of Data Sources by following the link to your data source page located under your avatar in the platform.

If you donโ€™t see your data source listed, please scroll to the Request a Data Source section and click โ€œUpvoteโ€ for your choice. This helps our team prioritize which inbound data integrations to put on our future roadmap.

๐ŸŽ“ Sign in to the Crossbeam Academy and select Data Sources to learn more.

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