What are Data Sources?

A rundown of Data Sources and the role they play in the Crossbeam platform.

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Crossbeam works with your data source to create lists of prospects, opportunities, and customers. Crossbeam supports most popular data sources including CRMs, data warehouses, Google Sheets, and CSVs. No matter the source of your data, you have total control over the data in Crossbeam.

Need a visual walkthrough? Check out the video below:

Add a Data Source

From the left-side Navigation Menu, click on the Data icon. In the side panel, click on Data Sources, and your workspace will display the Data Sources workspace.


No data is being shared at this point. This step is simply syncing your Data Source with Crossbeam. Later, you will be able to decide what to share (or not share) with your ecosystem.

From the Data Sources workspace, locate your Data Source and click on the tile.

Don't see your Data Source? Explore the Request a Data Source section and click +Upvote to help our team prioritize the next inbound integration options.

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