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Create a Population from a CSV

Create a population by segmenting the data you uploaded from your CSV.

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After your CSV file upload has processed, head on over to the Populations area to create new Populations from your uploaded CSV data.Β 

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more:

How to Create a Population from a CSV File

From the left-side Navigation Menu, click on the Data icon. This will open the side panel for Data & Sharing, select Populations from the panel options, and your workspace will display the Populations area.

  • Under Populations you will see the three Standard Populations:

    • Customer, Open Opportunities, and Prospects

  • Each Population has a Create button

  • Click the Create button to build the Populations related to the data in your CSV file

This will take you to the Population Builder area:

  • Population Name will be pre-filled based on the Population you selected

  • Add Optional Population Description

  • Select CSV Upload from the Data Source menu

  • Under File the Name will be pre-filled base on the CSV file you uploaded or you can click the drop-down menu to select a different file

Click Continue to start the process of building Populations.

Screenshot in Crossbeam highlighting the steps to build a population

Add Filters

To add filters, click the drop-down menu to Add Table Filters. You will be able to preview the Population or save the Population by selecting the appropriate button.

Screenshot in Crossbeam highlighting the filter steps to build populations

After you click Save Population, you will be prompted to select from three Sharing Default options.

Click the Next button to return to the Populations area and repeat these steps for all of the Standard Populations.

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