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How to remove a partnership from your Crossbeam account.

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To remove a partnership from your Crossbeam account:

  • Type the partner name into the Universal Search Bar, click on the partner name from the search results to open the Partner Detail Page.

gif of search bar to find delete partner


  • Click the Partner Icon to open the My Partners workspace. Locate a partner name from the list of partners, click on the partner name to open the Partner Detail Page.

gif of how to access partner detail page from the partners icon

Once on the Partner Detail Page, locate the Delete Partner button.

screenshot of where to find the delete partner button

Click the Delete Partner button to open a pop-up. Next, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion request by typing DELETE before being able to click Delete Partner.

screenshot of delete a partner button modal


Once you click the Delete Partner button, you will permanently be removing this partner and all their shared data will be removed.

😎 Pro Tip

To manage your partner relationship in Crossbeam more effectively, consider the following alternatives to deleting a partnership:

  • Adjust or delete data sharing rules to reveal less information when your partnership dynamics change while retaining high-level overlap counts

  • Reduce population visibility, hiding populations from your partner

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