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How to Install the Crossbeam Salesforce App

✅ Check out our installation and configuration guide for a full walkthrough.

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What does Crossbeam's Salesforce App do? 

Get Crossbeam data where you work: directly in Salesforce. Your sales reps don't need to log in to Crossbeam to access partner data — instead, they can get the info they need on their Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities where they need it most.

The Salesforce App is available on our paid pricing plans. It has two main features:

  1. The Crossbeam Widget

    1. Standard (Connector Tier)

    2. Customizable (Supernode Tier)

  2. The Crossbeam Custom Object

Let's dive into what they are!

Note: If you want to see our Salesforce App in action (along with specific use cases from Crossbeam customers) sign up to watch a 20-minute recording of our webinar, "The Inside Track: Get to Know Crossbeam's Salesforce App".

The Crossbeam Widget

This is feature is available in our Connector pricing plan.

When viewing an Account, Lead, Contact and/or Opportunity in Salesforce

1. See which partners (and which of their populations) overlap with a specific Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity, directly on the object in Salesforce by looking at our Crossbeam widget.

2. View detailed information your partner shares with you directly in Salesforce by clicking "View" on the partner you want to view data for.

Watch this 1-minute clip from our from our webinar, "The Inside Track: Get to Know Crossbeam's Salesforce App," to see exactly how the widget works.

3. Crossbeam Widget Customization (available with Supernode Plans)

Customize what data shows up in the widget in Salesforce. You can control this a few ways from the integrations page in Crossbeam:

  • exclude your populations from the widget

    • exclude standard and custom populations

  • exclude your partners' populations from the widget

    • exclude a standard population across all partners

    • exclude custom partner populations per partner

Watch a Loom of how it works:

The Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object

Create a report on your Crossbeam overlaps in Salesforce

This is feature is available in our Supernode pricing plan.

You can report on overlap data via a custom object that links to an Account, Lead, or Opportunity. This allows you to create reports based on the existence of partner overlaps in Crossbeam. 

💡 Note: To view overlap data on your opportunities, you must configure your Salesforce Settings to include data from your Open Opportunities Standard Population.

Available data to report on is:

  • Partner name

  • Partner population

  • Partner's Account Executive name

  • Partner's Account Executive contact information

  • Your population

To see an example of a report, watch this 40-second clip from our webinar, "The Inside Track: Get to Know Crossbeam's Salesforce App."

Learn more about the Crossbeam Overlaps custom object in Salesforce here.

**Dive into our Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Reports, Dashboards & Automations. You can access the guide HERE.


Can I see the Crossbeam Widget on Opportunities or Contacts in Salesforce?

Yes, the Crossbeam widget appears on Accounts, Leads along with Opportunities and Contacts in Salesforce. 

Does your app work in Salesforce Classic?

Yes, and no. Our app setup wizard only works in Lightning, and our Crossbeam widget pictured above is only viewable in Lightning. However, we push data to a custom object in Salesforce that can be added to Account, Opportunity, and Lead page layouts so that they are viewable in classic. Learn more here.

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