This is currently in beta and not live in production for everyone. 

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How to Install the Crossbeam Salesforce App

Check out our installation (will be available when launched) for a full walkthrough.

NOTE: this cannot be installed in a production Salesforce environment until we have fully gone through Salesforce's security review. It can only be installed in sandbox accounts until then. Please reach out to if you'd like to install this in a sandbox account.

What does Crossbeam's Salesforce App do? 

Get your Crossbeam data where you work: directly in Salesforce. Eliminate the need for your reps to need Crossbeam access, they can get the info they need on their Accounts and Leads right where they need it. 

When viewing an Account or Lead in Salesforce

1. See which partners (and which of their populations) overlap with a specific Account or Lead directly on the object in Salesforce by looking at our Crossbeam component (on the right in the image below)

View detailed information shared with you by your partner directly in Salesforce, by clicking "View" on the partner you want to view data for.

When creating a report in Salesforce

When creating a report in Salesforce, you will have access to the following information per Account or Lead:

  • Number of partner overlaps in Crossbeam

You can do this via the "Available_Overlaps__c" object on an Account or Lead. This allows you to create reports based on the existence of partner overlaps in Crossbeam. 

You will not have access to the following information, because it is pulled into Salesforce at the time you view the record and isn't saved into an object in Salesforce:

  • Partner name (coming soon)
  • Partner population (coming soon)
  • Any information shared with you by the partner, including Account Executive name and contact information


Can every user in Salesforce see the data from Crossbeam and click to view the details shared from our partners? 

This is 100% controlled by your Salesforce permissions. You will need to restrict the Crossbeam component from certain user groups if you don't want them to have access to the data. There is not currently a way with the Crossbeam Salesforce App, or Crossbeam itself, to control who can or cannot view the overlap data or click "View" in Salesforce. 

Can I control which partners and populations appear in the Crossbeam component?

No, this cannot be controlled right now. Any partner that overlaps with the specific Account or Lead will appear in Salesforce. If you don't want a specific partner to appear, you will need to remove the inbound data sharing rule from that partner in Crossbeam. This means you will no longer have access to the data shared by them in Crossbeam itself, either. 

Can I see the Crossbeam component on Opportunities or Contacts in Salesforce?

No, the Crossbeam component currently only appears on Accounts and Leads in Salesforce. 

Does your app work in Salesforce Classic?

No, we only support Salesforce Lightning.

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